Tie One On March: Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s new apron


I had big plans to make a teddy bear with apron for this month’s challenge from this 70s pattern I found. But after making mistake after mistake (and that was before even starting to sew) I decided that needed to wait until I was more patient. I studied our existing dolls and stuffed animals and the majority did not need aprons (they never cook, you see…)

But I found someone who did — Mrs. Tiggywinkle. Oh, she’s seen better days for sure — too much steam from the ironing I guess (though I don’t even remember actually playing with her as a child — just displaying her…) Her apron was torn and also just not the right shape. The one pictured in the book is straight and long. (She’s pictured below with original apron and book.) So — there you go. Easy fix.


After reading the book with Bea a few (more) times I realized that a person could have hours of fun sewing little clothing items to go along with this story. (Mrs. Tiggywinkle does laundry for everyone!) Cock robin’s red waistcoat, Peter Rabbit’s much shrunk blue coat, Sally Henny Penny’s stockings, Mrs. Rabbit’s red handkersniff that smells so badly of onions… Oh, I could get carried away. Especially if I knew how to make little clothes… For now I made her a little bundle of laundry and a new shawl to wear while going out to deliver it.

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