Small scale crafts


Just catching up the blog on some small scale crafts I’ve made this year. Above, another of my favorite felt-backed hexagon coasters – this one for a long-distance friend who likes polka dots, florals, and red. I made another of these in a more muted palette for my Mom for valentine’s day but didn’t take a picture. I don’t do much sewing by hand but for some reason these are very satisfying to me.



A cool freezer-paper stencil t-shirt for Bea – she painted it.


And a little set of baby doll accessories for my niece’s second birthday – some fabric wipes stuffed into an old travel wipes container, a couple of diapers for a very small bum, a “mattress” bed, pillow and blankie. (I made her a crib/wall quilt and bunting before she was born with the same fabrics.)


David painted the spare bedroom light blue (I know it looks grayish green in this picture) for my valentine’s present and I finally got around to hanging up some photos from a few of my favorite real-life and on-line photographers. Since then, I haven’t spent nearly enough time in front of those pictures and that sewing machine. But that is another story.

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