Sewing (when I’m not baking, erranding, wrapping, packing)


I took a little break from sewing gifts a couple of days ago to sew this stack of orange and pink blankies for Linus. I got an email from the founder that many of the service organizations were short on blankets, especially for infants/preemies. Since I had my baby near Christmas perhaps I am a bit more sentimental, but the thought of having a baby in the NICU at Christmas and then not getting a blanket was more than I could resist. I could only do so much though – but 4 more is 4 more.


It was hard to pull myself away from my other sewing to do these blankies because I am finally having some successes, just in time for Christmas. Thanks to a bit of help from my sewing friends ¬†and a lot of stick-to-it-ness (not my strong point, I’ll admit) I finally figured out the zipper pouch problem. Three years into my sewing career, I think I am finally ready to notch up my techniques — get things looking a bit more polished. I was under the impression that there was some secret* to doing this but it looks like it is just lots of time, patience, seam-ripping, experimenting, and more time & patience. Funny – that seems to be the case with most of life’s little challenges.

*Commercial plug alert: Well, if you want to try something other than patience, I should also say that I highly recommend buying Kathy’s patterns. Although she does not have a pattern for a zipper bag for sale now (nor immediate plans for one) her patterns are so well done that unless you are a very accomplished sewer, you will undoubtedly learn techniques that will improve your sewing. She has a real talent for figuring out better ways. I wish I could go to Washington and take a class from her — but, in the meantime…

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