Plate of semi-random P goodness and babbling on about sewing


1. Thank you for your empathy with my softie sewing pain above. It was not my intention at all to criticize the wonderful ladies that write & share the softie patterns nor all the crafty folks that whip up the creative variations. It was only to say that they make it seem easier than it looks. WAY WAY EASIER. Like one commenter said, I am evidently missing that part of my sewing brain. And yet, I keep trying new ones as some sort of self-flagellation ritual. The comments of empathy have made me smile and outright laugh this weekend and I really appreciate them.

2. And let me just say that if attempting any of the projects from any of my tutorials has given anyone of you similar trauma I AM SO SORRY. I didn’t mean it, I swear.

3. There are a few things that are easy to learn over the internet but I really don’t think sewing is one of them. I for one am looking to take another in-the-flesh class after the holidays. Anyone know who teaches DEALING WITH $%*# ZIPPERS 201? (I can do the parallel to the zipper sewing — its the perpendicular end installations that have me beat.) Anyone? Bueller? Mom?

4. Mom – I have a good idea for a Christmas present for me. 2 hours. You and me. At the sewing machine. With zippers. I know we tried once before…but it didn’t take. Maybe 3 hours.

5. And I think I am getting a repetitive stress injury on my foot pedal leg to top it all off. What is up with that? Oh aging, you are not so fun.

6. The plate of random P goodness that has served as my dishwashing vision-therapy this week is mostly thanks to Emily and the PINECONES and other thingies (very technical) that she sent in the fall. Aren’t they the most beautiful? The PECANS are from the park and the PEARS are from the grocery.

7. And speaking of a good thing that starts with P, on Friday I got our building PERMIT for our screen PORCH addition. We are very PLEASED.

8. (I didn’t talk about the weather.)

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