Log cabin-ish scrap squares, rainbow set


I made more squares of the same style as the ones from Bea’s big quilt – enough for a few more baby quilts. For this one I tried a rainbow set and I like it except the white line just “falls off the page.”

If you haven’t done an easy, no fuss type log cabin block, Krommama posted this tutorial. Her explanation and photos are good. I don’t do everything just the same way as her and you won’t probably either and that is just perfect. Anyway, this will get you started if you need help.

I tried a new-to-me wavy line quilting pattern, inspired by Pocket Farmer’s newest quilt (which was in turn inspired by Caro’s quilt which I somehow glossed over without noting that neat quilting. I really pulled on the quilt more than I do with straight-line quilting so I was concerned it would be too loose/puckery and wouldn’t lay flat in the end but it really turned out OK! Yay. And it certainly was easy. You can’t see the quilting very well in either of these photos but if you click onto the links above you can get a better idea of what I attempted.

And the back is cute and orange. I originally got this fabric for another project from the nice ladies at Sew Mama Sew. (It is the Katie Jump Rope line – and it’s on sale right now!) On the computer it looked red red red and that, along with the coloway name “Geranium” had me expecting a totally different color than it is. I have never seen an orange-red geranium. Oh well – it was a treat to have some cute new fabric to bind and back this colorful quilt!


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