It’s all about the making


A few months ago David and Bea hatched this wild scheme that somehow culminated in me spending a Saturday morning making an eggplant softie. Bea was so excited about it, so insistent that I make it, so interested to monitor my progress during the sewing and stuffing (and unstuffing and unsewing and resewing and restuffing.)

And then it was done and she was on to other things. The eggplant has just been sitting there, “rotting” ever since. This is actually pretty typical, no? I think for Bea it was all about wielding her power over Mommy to get me to sew something for HER. And besides, she and eggplants go way back.

It was a challenge for me. I’m not spatially gifted so envisioning the flat pieces of a 3D object does not easily compute. I made one round one (Emily – I wish I had known then your daughter’s interest in purple pumpkins!), one long skinny one, and then finally got it right-ish. It felt pretty much like magic when those crazy pieces were turned inside out and…eggplant!

And so, one slow week in December I am writing about this eggplant here, remembering that for Bea and for me, it isn’t the end result that was important. It was just all about the making.

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