Getting into it now


It might be 80+ degrees here* but we are getting into the Christmas mood anyway. The advent stockings are up again (well, 8 are down…) Nothing like a piece of chocolate to start your day right!

My favorite thing about this Christmas season with Bea so far has been the revival of the box of Christmas/winter books. They are full of STORIES which she enjoys & are fun for me to read and quite different from the non-fiction nature/science books that are our mainstays. When we get to a part of the story when someone does something, well… unrealistic… or perhaps just a bit risky or out of the ordinary, she always says, “Are people not gopposed to do that?”


I made this little doll as a part of an early Christmas care package to get two special girls in the mood for Christmas too. It turned out cute I think, but wow was it a booger to sew. It’s probably just me, but the fact that all those ears and arms and legs flipped right side out through the hole — well, it was a Christmas miracle. Oh – it was the Mini Moopy pattern, as you can tell. Most people say it is really fun and easy and they proceed to make a half dozen cute variations. Moving on.


The plants are even getting into the spirit too — all the berries are turning red just in time to be used as a festive entry decoration. Thanks neighbor that cut back their pyracantha bush and left it on the curb. I’m so in the festive mood I think today we’ll go get a tree.


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