Bags For Christmas


Yes, here is the post where I get to brag about the things that I made for my family for Christmas this year. I’ve been sewing for months and finally I can share…

I made three quilted totes this month and I think bags are sorta-kinda starting to make sense to me. At least this type of bag. I even boxed the bottoms. And they are lined. Yeah, I’m braggin’. I told you I would. But as they say in Texas, “It ain’t braggin if it’s true.”

This tote was for my mom. She likes butterflies so I used my coveted butterfly print along with a skinny strip of an old olive green fabric she gave me from her stash. I changed my mind a hundred times on the fabrics but the final result was worth it I think.


I made another bag for my cousin, another one for a church friend (argh – I forgot to take a picture and it was so pretty), bean bags/carrying bag for my Dad, a table runner set for my sister, lovey blankies for my niece, a kit apron for my aunt, and embellished a dish towel for another aunt. You can click on those links to take you to my Projects Photo Album if you want to see pictures of these projects or read more about them.

I didn’t officially take the handmade pledge this year but I sewed up a storm and did what I could to support artists, craftsmen, and local farmers as well. It made Christmas merrier for me and I hope for others as well.

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