Homemade Pillows


This summer, my friend (thanks, Kelly!) gave me some old fabric and a couple old quilt blocks that she found garage sale-ing (or thrift store-ing? can’t remember.) Anyway, I used them to make this pillow. I quilted the front with straight lines, cut it down to size (to the horror of the original maker, I’m sure,) and sewed on the back. Turned out pretty cute I think! I’ve made one of those hand-pieced 8 pointed diamonds and I think that will be my only one so it is nice to find old blocks to play with.



And last, but not least, zipper pouches.

My mother-in-law requested some custom-size bags to store her various electronic treasures when she travels. We took measurements and discussed her needs and came to the conclusion that zipper pouches were the way to go. I repeatedly mentioned the fact that I couldn’t DO zippers – at least not well. She repeatedly assured me that imperfect was OK. So – these are imperfect.

After making a couple pouches with a good tutorial (I gave these to my cousin), I experimented with different techniques – all of them with their own unique problems. OH WELL – they function and the fabrics are FAB (the linings equally so,) thanks Kaffe. I did finally figure it out as I mentioned before, so it was all fun time, well spent. We decided to label the bags and settled on stamping some twill tape and inserting it into the side and bottom seams.

And that’s it — handmade Christmas. Now, how about handmade birthdays all year?

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