And so it begins


I resisted for as long as I possibly could. But thanks to a most excellent lesson this afternoon from my mother-in-law (not to mention the needles and yarn), I have now started down the slippery slope of knitting. I CANNOT believe I am doing it.

I am not good enough yet of course for it to be relaxing or second nature – but I can definitely see glimpses of the zone. I don’t have high aspirations – I’ve set my sights on scarves for the homeless at Christmas. (After Bea’s beautiful rainbow scarf, of course!)

Now, I have to get back and knit a few more rows. It has been more than an hour and I’m getting nervous I might have forgotten how. I joked I couldn’t go to sleep or I might forget how to do it. Bea says I can knit in my dreams instead. I just might.

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