2 more eye spy quilts; a little twist this time


Two more quilts for the Linus Connection, my November & December offerings. I made my goal of 12 quilts this year, just barely. The tops have been done since mid October and then SOMETHING HAPPENED and I didn’t turn on the sewing machine for over a month. ARGH. Anyway, I’m back sewing and it feels great. I finished these guys this weekend.

These feature a little twist on the eye spy theme inspired by my cousin Kristen. There are 2 of each of the squares so kids can play concentration (find the matching square) as well as eye spy… Fun stuff. I got sick of making eye spy quilts for a while, but truly the kids will never get sick of them, so I’m back on the kick.


Luckily for my time management crisis, my machine finished binding skills are slowly improving. I did these all by machine and they look pretty much decent. No wisdom to share I guess except try to keep everything as straight and even as possible and just keep trying… Oh, and cutting the binding a little wider than usual helps too.

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